Kudos to the folks at Amicus for continuing to simplify the lives of lawyers”

- Daniel Sahin, P.C. -  Senior Partner

Amicus Listens…

“I just wanted to congratulate Amicus for listening.  I sent in feedback that said it would be wonderful to be able to print Client Trust receipts.  One month later, in the new update, that feature was added.  Excellent job Amicus!”
Carroll R. Creighton

Intuitive, fast, and comprehensive…
“In the past five years I have used no less than 4 case management systems. Amicus Attorney Cloud is the best system I have seen by far. It is intuitive, fast, and comprehensive. It does not have everything I want, yet, but I truly get the feeling that they listen to my suggestions and are continually trying to find new ways to improve. The support team is very helpful and quick to respond. This has always been a problem with other systems. I look forward to using Amicus Cloud in the future and can’t wait to see just how far the product can go.”
Benjamin J. Heimerl, Attorney

Integrates perfectly with Outlook…
“I have tested several other cloud based programs and Amicus, even in its test phase, is the greatest! Amicus integrates perfectly with Outlook.  The client file storage for emails, notes, contacts is a time saving function for my staff and me. Amicus is very intuitive and does not require an IT person sitting next to you to use it.  My legal assistant opened it up and immediately began using Amicus, without expensive training. Amicus is a one-stop shop for all my law practice needs.”
Amanda P, Senior Partner

Captured 30% more billable time…
“I have captured 30% more billable time since I started using Amicus Attorney.  I have been using Amicus since 1995 and it continues to be the foundation for my practice.”
Gary Edward Gardner, P.C.

Kudos to the folks at Amicus…
“When I began to use Amicus Attorney over 15 years ago, I was most impressed with the ease of use.  Amicus Cloud is even more easy to use.  And when technical assistance is required, the support people are second to none.  As we integrated the program to our office so many years ago, I noticed a marked increase in our organization and capturing time.  With expanded access to the program, I am capturing so much more of  the time spent on e–mail and other tasks done  from home and the unavoidable time spent while away on business or vacation.  Kudos to the folks at Amicus for continuing to simplify the lives of lawyers.”
Daniel Sahin, P.C. , Senior Partner

Amicus does exactly what it says: Bill more, and go home early…
“I would recommend Amicus to anyone who is looking to stay ahead of the curve technologically in their practice. The ability to log time anywhere, anytime, creates the ability for me to spend more time at home with my wife and four month old son. I can take phone calls, work on documents, log the time and upload the work I have done, and then go to the office the next morning and start right where I left off. Having access to thousands of pages of case file documents without lugging around actual paper files is invaluable. A judge recently asked where my manila file was in a complex criminal case. I turned on my phone, found the indictment and discovery files, and showed it to him. Amicus does exactly what it says: Bill more, and go home early.”
Carroll R. Creighton

The best and easiest Outlook integration I’ve seen
“I have evaluated many practice management products to set up and organize my new firm. I decided that I want to base my practice in a secure cloud environment and integration with Outlook is critically important to me. Amicus Cloud is the best and easiest Outlook integration I’ve seen from any of the products currently available and a real advantage of Amicus Cloud. Its integration with Exchange – with full email integration – is a feature that other practice management programs should emulate. My Outlook data is right there with all my other case data. The Email, Contacts, Calendar, and Tasks in Outlook are exactly what I see in Amicus Cloud. I do not have to perform any complicated synchronization between two separate systems. I was up and running quickly and Amicus Cloud continues to be easy to use. ”
Brad Bayliff – Attorney

Reminded me of billable hours that otherwise would have been lost
“Finally a cloud product that has it all, fits into the way I practice, and is simple to use. The Time Entry Assistant has on numerous occasions reminded me of billable hours that otherwise would have been lost. My office uses Mac/Apple products exclusively. Amicus Cloud’s email integration works seamlessly with Mail and allows me to automatically save emails to files without having to forward them. It has a tasks function that communicates with Reminders and keeps me organized with one entry. Amicus Cloud and Calendar integrate flawlessly. But by far the most impressive aspect of Amicus Cloud is the truly helpful and always delightful customer service personnel.”
Todd M Holmes – Lawyer

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