System requirements

It’s so simple: the only real requirement is that you have a modern browser.

Internet Explorer 9 or above

Safari 5 or above

Firefox 9 or above

Chrome Version 16 or above

We’ve tested Amicus Cloud on all of the latest versions of these browsers using their default settings. Don’t have the latest version of your Browser? No problem… these browser upgrades can all be downloaded free of charge.

Amicus Cloud will run on any device with one of these browsers. PC’s & Macs. It has been optimized for tablets like the iPad. Android too.

Amicus Cloud dynamically resizes itself according to the size of your browser window. So in theory it can work on any size screen. Of course, if your device’s screen is too small, it may start to get cramped.

If you have your own Exchange server that you want to use with Amicus, it needs to be version 2007 with SP1 or higher. If your iPhone can connect to it, Amicus can.