Time & Billing

Time Capture

Time Capture

Recording your billable time is such a pain! No one likes it, but you have to do it. It’s how you get paid. Even if you don’t bill by the hour, you need to track your time to set your fees profitably.

Have you ever had this experience? It’s the end of the day. You have been working hard for over 10 hours. Your time sheet has barely 5 hours on it. Yes there was some non-billable time today, but not that much! You struggle to reconstruct, and if you’re lucky, get it to 6.5. The rest is lost…

Help is on its way.

With Amicus Cloud you will almost certainly capture billable time you were missing before. You can do time entries simply & quickly. Or your assistant can do them for you. Even better, Amicus will do them for you. A time entry can be done with a single click on almost any item in Amicus – an email, phone call, appointment etc. Everything all filled in.

If you want, Amicus will do automatic time entries for you, so you don’t even have to remember to click! For example, every time you mark a billable task done, or send an email to a client, Amicus can do a time entry for you.


Imagine that – billable time being recorded for your emails, without you having to do a thing!

It gets better still. In any list in Amicus, you can see whether or not a time entry has been done. So for example when looking at your phone calls you can immediately see any you have not billed for. One click and it’s done.

And just in case you still forget, the terrific Time Entry Assistant is always there to help you capture all your time …

Time Entry Lists

See a list of your time entries for today or any date range you want. Edit them until you are happy with them. Identify days where things might be missing. There are running totals of your time and its value.

Or look at the time for everyone involved on a per file basis. If a client asks for an estimate of your fee to date, you will know instantly.

Time Entry Details


There’s more to a time entry than just a number. Amicus Cloud has all the details:

  • An (optional) timer
  • Unlimited billing rates per person
  • Activity codes
  • Task-based-billing
  • Flat rate activities
  • Ability to enter time for different timekeepers

Bill For Your Time

Recording your time is not all you have to do. You need to bill for it! Amicus Cloud can do all the billing for you as well. Or if you prefer to use your desktop billing software, you can. Amicus Cloud will post your time entries to almost any billing program that accepts imports.



From filing costs to registration fees, court reporters to expert witnesses, title searches to transaction taxes, you have a lot of disbursements on behalf of your clients. They add up in a hurry! You need a simple, convenient way to keep track of them all. When it comes time to bill, you want to ensure they are all included. In fact, if they start to get too high, it would be great if your friendly assistant would alert you and do an interim bill to collect them.

Amicus Cloud takes care of this for you.

Amicus Cloud makes it easy to record every expense, with all its details. It organizes them by type, multiplies unit costs and applies taxes, as you require. All customizable. Manage expenses centrally, or review them per client file. If expenses on any file build up past your threshold, Amicus will let you know.

So you can have confidence that expenses are tracked, managed and billed on time.



Amicus Cloud takes care of everything you need for billing.

Monitor Work-in-Progress

Amicus Cloud’s WIP view lets you know at a glance where you stand on each of your files. You can see the unbilled fees, expenses and total WIP for each, plus trust account balances and the date of the last invoice.

Every day when you first log in, Amicus checks your WIP and reminds you to bill files with WIP that is getting too high.



Send Invoices

When you’re ready to bill, just select a file and click. The professional billing capabilities are incredibly easy to use.

With a few more clicks you can select what you want to include on the bill, and what format it should take. If there’s money on retainer or in trust, it can be applied to the bill. When you’re ready to finalize the bill, you can save it as a pdf or in Excel, where you can add whatever customization you want.

Amicus even does an email sending the bill to your client. Click Send and it’s done. It couldn’t be any easier.

Batch Bill


Expedite your client billing process with the Amicus Batch Bill feature.  This  time saving feature lets you easily process invoices for multiple clients based on unbilled fees and expense.  Simply select the clients or files you wish to bill and Amicus will  print or email the bills all with a few simple mouse clicks.



Track Payments

It’s easy to record your clients’ payments as they come in. You can enter payments against individual bills or pay off multiple invoices from a single payment.  Apply any balance to retainer or trust.


Unfortunately, not every client pays promptly. Amicus helps you with your accounts receivable as well. You can get a report on them for all the details. When you first log in each morning Amicus will alert you if any are getting old. And at any time you can use the amazing Collections Assistant to send reminders to stale accounts.


When it comes to the financial side of your practice, it is helpful to have lots of reports that document your transactions and give you an analysis of where you stand. Amicus Cloud gives these to you. Click here for more information on its numerous powerful and flexible reports.

Desktop Billing Systems

Desktop Billing Systems

You may already have a billing system you like. Perhaps you use QuickBooks®, Timeslips®, PCLaw® or one of the many other desktop products designed for legal billing, and want to keep using it. You want the advantages of cloud-based practice management, but at the same time you like what you have for billing and don’t want to switch.

Great! Amicus Cloud gives you the choice. You can use Amicus Cloud for billing, collections and trust. There are many advantages to having this as part of a single practice management system. Or you can use Amicus Cloud for the professional side of your practice, and use desktop software to provide the billing side of things. It’s up to you.

When you set up your firm in Amicus Cloud, tell it which to use. Time entries recorded in Amicus Cloud can be sent to almost any desktop billing or accounting system that is capable of imports.

In addition to working with products like TimeSlips and PCLaw, Amicus Cloud includes a dynamic link to QuickBooks – the most widely used accounting system.

Our dynamic QuickBooks link offers something that is actually quite amazing… seamless communication between our web-based practice management system and the desktop QuickBooks. It gives you the best of both worlds, and ensures consistent and accurate information with no duplication of effort.

Amicus Cloud continues to have the ability to work with many other accounting systems, but the QuickBooks link is the easiest, most advanced and dynamic.

Amicus Cloud gives you the option to put your practice on the cloud, but keep your bills on your desktop.

Freedom to work the way you want to.

Trust Accounts


When you take advantage of the billing capabilities in Amicus Cloud you can also use it to manage trust accounts and meet your trust account obligations. Manage all the trust transactions on each client file. Track incoming and outgoing trust transactions. You can enter an initial trust account balance, make transfers between a client’s files, or use trust monies towards an outstanding invoice. You also have the flexibility to create as many trust accounts as you need for your practice.


Sometimes retainers go into trust. At other times they are provided as an advance towards future fees and expenses. Amicus Cloud makes it easy to enter initial retainer balances for each file, record a payment as a retainer deposit and can automatically apply the retainer to pay a bill if you wish.